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Dying Sunbrella

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Topic: Dying Sunbrella
Posted By: MattGrant
Subject: Dying Sunbrella
Date Posted: 23 April 2005 at 2:01pm

There is an unanswered question about how to dye Sunbrella in the old forum (which has  been rendered "read only" because hackers were constantly fouling it). Let me respond here.

Sunbrella is given a special treatment in production that makes the fibers stand straight up which keeps water from soaking in or leaking through. This treatment also makes it very difficult to dye since the solution used cannot get "into" the fabric weave.

If the fabric were washed several times or if it were very old, the water repelancy might not prevent the dye process as described above, but another key feature of Sunbrella is the fact that the original color is "in the goop" from which the yarns are extruded. That is one reason the color lasts so long. Any dye would be just a surface coating which is not likely to last very long at all.

303 Fabric Guard is intended to restore the water repellancy of the material. It may also provide some additional UV resistance (the company makes this claim), but I am not sure that additional resistance is necessary.

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