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Sail selection...

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Topic: Sail selection...
Posted By: McKee
Subject: Sail selection...
Date Posted: 12 August 2018 at 6:29pm
I am planning on doing the Race 2 Alaska in my Bolger Black skimmer (25 foot sharpie cat yawl), and I want to keep the boat moving in light air.  If I were to have you guys put together a kit for 1 light air sail (the main, mizzen, and mizzen staysail are all in great shape) what would YOU recommend it be... drifter, genoa, asymmetric spinnaker?  It needs to be set flying as the rig is unstayed, and manageable with a sock or just hauling it down by hand. 

I am seriously considering adding a "racing" bowsprit, something retractable, detachable, or folding that can be removed when I am not headed out on long ill advised trips.  Here's a shot of the sail plan if that helps, and a jib that would need a sprit and a club.  I've been looking at the Chesapeake Bay Log Canoes 

Posted By: Jeff Frank
Date Posted: 13 August 2018 at 9:39am
I would consider a drifter first due to its utility on all points of sail about 150% to 155% of J with bowsprit.  I would go with 3/4oz for winds under 5 knts for upwind use, it will stretch too much using it upwind beyond that point.  If you go with 1.5oz you could increase that to about 8 knts upwind.
Drifters will always fly before spinnakers since the luff is supported by rope or wire.

If you don't need help upwind and want more for tight reaching to downwind an asymmetric will give you considerably more area.  

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