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Leech Line Repair

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Topic: Leech Line Repair
Posted By: pointbreak805
Subject: Leech Line Repair
Date Posted: 10 July 2018 at 10:12pm
Hi everyone, 

I own a Capri 22 and the Leech line on my mainsail has become loose somehow and is now about halfway out from the foot of the sail. 

I am wondering what the best way to go about repairing this would be. I also would to install some sort of cleat system at the reef points for the leec line so I am able to stop the leech from flogging when I am reefed. 

Would love some suggestions on where to start. Consider I have very little (no) experience with sail repair or even really sewing in general and have never attempted anything of this sort so do not have any equipment. 

Is this better off left to a professional? I just had the sail taken in to get a set of reef points installed so if possible it would be nice to be able to DIY this one. I figure it would be a good learning experience as well.


Posted By: MattGrant
Date Posted: 11 July 2018 at 9:11am
Hi Chris,

It is really fairly easy to do what you are asking.

The leech line just came loose from its sewing at the top of the sail. It simply rests inside a sleeve all along the back edge of the sail. You may have to open the hem starting where the tail of the line is going up to pull it back into position and sew it in well at the top. I usually create a 6 inch loop at the top and sew the line directly into the sailcloth with a zigzag stitch. Then close the hem again being sure not to stitch over any of the line that is intended to slide freely in the sleeve.

For adjustment about the reef row it is really a matter of opening the hem above the leech cringle and creating a clean exit and reentry for the line into the hem. Reinforce the openings to keep the line from chafing the exit/entry. Just inside the natural "run" location of the line you will then install a leech line cleat.

This is a very general description of the task. To learn a lot more consider getting "The Mainsail Manual":

Best Regards,
Matt Grant

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