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Singer 20u into a Sailrite SR200

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Topic: Singer 20u into a Sailrite SR200
Posted By: ErikFinn
Subject: Singer 20u into a Sailrite SR200
Date Posted: 25 November 2017 at 12:54pm
Hi guys,
newbie here looking to get some guidance..
I have a Singer 20u 11/13 blue japanese made machine (head only) I bought nonworking and which I completely took apart (exept for the main shaft because I could not get the locking screw open, maybe good for me hehe), the zig zag cam and assembly were sticking and the previous owner had used some sort of spray lubricant which had transformed into gunk and almost like carbon like soot.
Anyways long story short, the machine is now moving freely and seems like it might work, but I still need a few parts and since it's only a head I need a motor also.
I only recently learned about Sailrite SR200, which I understand is a modified Singer 20u with heavier springs, a nice wooden box, and a 1,5 amp motor bolted to the rear, a monster wheel, and so the machine is a nice portable package.
I would like to accomplish the same. I already found out Sailrite sells the two springs. How about the motor? Could I use the Ultrafeed 1,5 amp motor? But the mounting looks different.. The SR200 seems to be bolted to the rear of the head, as opposed to the side. Does Sailrite offer the motor and mounting parts for the SR200 anymore? If I can find a motor and a bracket that would be great. Even if there's no bracket available I might be able to fabricate one by myself and tap bolt holes into the rear but a fitting one would of course be preferable.
With these mods could I expect to sew through 6 layers of Sunbrella? Re a main sail cover corner with each side folded twice so 6 layers total. Plus maybe some tape to hold the sunbrella when sewing..
Would the sewing performance match that of the SR200?
Any guidance please?

Ps. I've browsed through the SR200 and the Sailmaker guidebooks and I understand that for adjusting the timing of the Singer 20u I should follow the instructions on the SAILMAKER guidebook, not the SR200 guidebook, is that correct?

Posted By: MattGrant
Date Posted: 27 November 2017 at 8:35am
Yes, if it is a Singer 20U the Sailmaker timing is a bit more aligned in process. The motor in the image you sent is an older motor that we once sold. It is side mounted. I think you can still get these from Grainger. The motor bracket is also discontinued but you may be able to fabricate something on your own. Basically what I am saying is that I don't have plug and play parts for you to make this easy. Sorry.

As for what the machine can handle, a good Singer 20 U with spring changes should be able to sew 6 layers of Sunbrella nicely.

Best Regards,
Matt Grant

Posted By: wsmurdoch
Date Posted: 10 December 2017 at 9:22pm
For the motor shown in the photo, look at

If you need more torque at the expense of slower speed, you might consider a Dayton gearmotor. but that will take still more "engineering" first to mount it, then chose a pulley and belt.  Be careful, the photos online are generic and do not match what you will get.  It is best to buy a gearmotor at a Granger store where you can touch it.

One of the nice things about Sailrite is that they do this sort of thing for you before you buy the machine saving you a lot of work.

Posted By: suz
Date Posted: 25 April 2018 at 12:45pm

I am also trying to modify my Singer 20U-33 like Erik did, for use on heavier fabrics such as Sunbrella. I'm getting whatever parts I can find on your site first. Have put the springs on my list, I think I have a motor, but may need a bracket for it.
Will need a box/carrier and probably a monster wheel.

My question: What monster wheel would you recommend for Singer 20U-33?



Posted By: MattGrant
Date Posted: 25 April 2018 at 5:18pm
I might have a case that will fit to see still. Email me at so I can respond with a quote. I might also have an old motor bracket to send you.

The Monster would be the 604U but you may need to make a modification to the machine casting to get it to slip on all the way. As I recall there is a shroud of metal that extends too far to the left for the Monster wheel to slide all the way on. You could send me a photo of that end of the machine for me to verify this.

Thanks, Matt

Best Regards,
Matt Grant

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