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Sail Numbers over Seams

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Forum Name: Sail Numbers
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Topic: Sail Numbers over Seams
Posted By: MattGrant
Subject: Sail Numbers over Seams
Date Posted: 04 May 2007 at 1:21pm


I hope you can advise me on this .... 

I am about to apply my new Sail numbers (which I got from you... thanks)

I imagine that for obvious reasons it would be preferable not to apply the numbers/insignia over any of the seams in the sail, but I am wondering how critical that would be if it is not easily avoidable.  In other words, am I asking for problems if the adhesive number is applied over part of a seam ?

I`d appreciate your feedback.


Posted By: MattGrant
Date Posted: 04 May 2007 at 1:25pm
I posted the above email from a customer because it is a very good question. Here is the answer:
It is acceptable to put the insignia (numbers) over seams. The pressure sensitive adhesive sticks very well. The only time I have had any trouble with this is if the corner of the number stops right on the seam. Try to position things so there is material straddles the seam.
Thanks, Matt

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