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Leech line repair on genoa

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Topic: Leech line repair on genoa
Posted By: CalebD
Subject: Leech line repair on genoa
Date Posted: 22 December 2012 at 10:54pm
150% genoa for a Tartan 27'.  About 10 years old.  Originally made by Doyle sailmakers of Huntington, NY.  The sail is a tad worn but has served well until the leach line ripped out of it's pocket once caught on a winch on our mast.  Leech line nearly 100% ripped out of trailing edge of genoa.
I am contemplating re-sewing the leach line up by hand over this winter and using this older genoa as a backup (yes, another new sail is on the horizon somewhere). 

Does this sound feasible?  Practical? Or insane?  I have some time to throw at this project and have hand stitched a tiller cover and a few new sail slugs. 

If this idea is not crazy then what is the best way to deal with the new seam for the leech line at the trailing edge of the sail? 
I envision using some sail repair tape as well as stitching the entire length.  Does this sound about right and if so:
Which repair tape should I get at Sailrite (I need at least 32' of it)?
Which thread is the most UV rays resistant that is still strong enough?
I am thinking I should get a sewing palm glove thingy to make this easier.  Which one do you recommend?

Happy Holidays to the staff at Sailrite.  They have always done right by me in the past.

Caleb D.

Tartan 27' owner. Sloop rigged.

Posted By: MattGrant
Date Posted: 26 December 2012 at 9:38am
Hi Caleb,
I think it is worth fixing the sail. The only thing that might be "crazy" here is doing it by hand sewing. It is certainly possible but if the whole edge needs to be sewn the job is going to take some hours.
Don't use an adhesive repair tape if there is any chance that the adhesive will make contact with the leech line. It would defeat its ability to slide in the pocket.
I recommend a prefolded 2" Dacron tape to rebuild the leech:" rel="nofollow -
Use basting tape to hold it on prior to sewing:" rel="nofollow -
Use an Anti-wick V-92 thread with a number 16 hand sewing needle:" rel="nofollow -" rel="nofollow -
Sailrite offers a right or left adjustable sewing palm. Get the one that matches your primary use hand.
Best Regards, Matt Grant

Best Regards,
Matt Grant

Posted By: CalebD
Date Posted: 28 December 2012 at 3:26am
Thanks very much for your reply Matt.  I was hoping to hear from you even though I found other posts related to the leach line repair.

Tartan 27' owner. Sloop rigged.

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